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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dragonstongue View Post

560Ti is fine, but I would cough up a bit more for a 560 448 core if you can, or change your allegiance give it a few more days, and go with a Radeon 7k series such as 7970/7950 or 7870/7850, they are looking to be much better for thier price range then any current card.

Hard drives, why do caching when you could just use the SSD as your OS drive, much better that way, 60Gb SSD done properly is ample room, I have an Agility 3 60Gb and have 25gb free on my install.

Now I will mention on the SSD thing the same I always mention/heard mentioned, only put things on it that need to be on it, things like favorites, documents, pictures, downloads and such can easily go on the mechanical drive and they still will be fast. Things like Install files/folder, steam, odd games, drivers, anti-virus, basically things that do not HAVE TO BE on the SSD put them on the mechanical.

***I though Caching was limited in size to 64gb or something?, I guess the thing is, why spend that amount of coin on an SSD that you will not see the vast chunk of its performance, use it the way it should be, as you OS drive directly :)

I would not suggest a 560 448 to anyone who MAY some day want to add a second card.
Reason being these are a limited run and probably won't be available when / if you want a second one (and second hand ones will be expensive for this reason too)
If bumping the GPU go straight for a 570.

SSD caching.. Why would he lose out on performance from caching, it caches what he uses the most... OS included.
The point of caching drive is so that you don't have to bother moving and carefully planning what goes where as what you use the most will be what the drive caches.

Tech that works without you noticing it is much better than the pain in the ass it can be swapping where games are installed etc all the time.
I know that when I was planning what was going to live on my ssd that I couldn't fit all the games and programs on it so had to swap around when my trends changed for a while.
Caching drive will do this automatically and after using something a few times should start to be cached over something else that you may not have touched in a while.

(this would be a good test for caching technologies, run a system for a few weeks using basically the same things / games.. then see how long it takes the drive to start caching a new game over your previous fave or flavour of the month)
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