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My System Specs


NCIX will build it for you if you want them to, it does not have to be with one of thier prebuilt options either, you just add $50 to the cost with a little checkmark thing, course you need the OS and such as well.

I owuld pricematch every part back to NCIX, I use,, and to do this, you could save alot of coin finding the best prices and matching them back to NCIX and thier build services are actually pretty decent, my freind just had one done there a few months back, they could have done a bitt better, but overall he was happy with it(seeing as he had 0 experience doing that stuff himself)

Hyper 212+ cooler with a second bladmaster fan thrown in just match it with the one that comes with it, MX4 paste( I use this cooler as mentioned changes it is an excellent cooler especially for its price)

ASUS z68 V or V-Pro are better, though more $ as well
Ram you picked should be ok, but I would go with 1600 class ram. Vengeance, XMS3, Gskill Ripjaw/RipjawX-SniperSE-ECO or similar
(RipjawX are overall pretty good, they also have a nice low heatspreader and work well with Hyper 212+)

560Ti is fine, but I would cough up a bit more for a 560 448 core if you can, or change your allegiance give it a few more days, and go with a Radeon 7k series such as 7970/7950 or 7870/7850, they are looking to be much better for thier price range then any current card.

HAF 922/932 mostly for the cpu cooler room and such, I have a Raven 3 case, its a monster, but its cooling is awesome :P

Corsair HX750 might be a bit overkill, but at least you know there is plenty of room to breathe :P Antec TP New 650 is also an excellent power supply, or NZXT Hale
OS none other Windows 7 64 home
Hard drives, why do caching when you could just use the SSD as your OS drive, much better that way, 60Gb SSD done properly is ample room, I have an Agility 3 60Gb and have 25gb free on my install.

Now I will mention on the SSD thing the same I always mention/heard mentioned, only put things on it that need to be on it, things like favorites, documents, pictures, downloads and such can easily go on the mechanical drive and they still will be fast. Things like Install files/folder, steam, odd games, drivers, anti-virus, basically things that do not HAVE TO BE on the SSD put them on the mechanical.

You want to make sure it is set to use AHCI, TRIM is active, superfetch-prefetch-defrag all turned off for the SSD, have a paging file set for the SSD and mechanical drive, for the mechanical I set a partition so paging file is the only thing on that partition 9000-17000 of a 20000 size partition and its at the leading edge of the disk.

I know its a bit more troublesome, but it will keep your SSD faster for longer not to have stuff on it that doesnt need to be on it. The partition thing I use is called minitool partition wizard home edition, it will let you move partitions around, resize, create etc, and is by far much better then the one in windows 7.

Myself Agility 3 60gb SSD heck for that same price as the Intel one you showed, Agility 3 or Corsair Force-Force GT, Crucial M4 can probably get from 60-120gb(for Agility 3 and other OCZ 3 series just make sure they use Firmware 1.13 or newer, the SSD I got from NCIX a few months ago uses FW 1.13 so you should be ok) I also use a Caviar Black 640GB drive AALS is the model, have been using 2 of them for 2 and 2/12 years respectively, quite fast they are :)

Now I am not allowed to do it for you, but, using the price checkers I listed, most of the parts you picked+ recomended changes, I could probably knock down a good $200 or so off full list, this would take care of the better parts and the extra like the better gpu, extra fans and such.

***I though Caching was limited in size to 64gb or something?, I guess the thing is, why spend that amount of coin on an SSD that you will not see the vast chunk of its performance, use it the way it should be, as you OS drive directly :)
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