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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Unless you know of your own sources, you can't get a LGA2011 processor for less than $500. - Computer Hardware, CPUs / Processors, Processors - Desktops, LGA 2011
Intel Core i7 3930K 6 Core 12MB 3.2GHZ Hyperthreading Unlocked LGA2011 Processor No HSF - Intel - BX80619I73930K
I suggest you wait until the Core i7 3820 (quad core) is available if you really want LGA2011. By then you should also have more options with GPUs.

If you're building now, you can get a Z68 motherboard + either the Core i5 2500k or Core i7 2600k. For gaming only I'd suggest the 2500k as there is no game that can use 8 logical cores effectively and the extra 2MB of cache won't make a difference (the GPU will bottleneck long before then).
thank u for your advise .
you said about bottleneck . which side of bottleneck you are talking about exactly ? ( remain unused performance... or lack? )
describe more pls.
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