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Looks like about 2500 for the MSI?

Nice spec on it, full size hd and SSD as well as large storage.

2670 and GTX580 single gfx. 16gb ram too.

So the Alienware...

They're not on a sale right now, so I would wait for them to do a sale (they rotate sales all the time)

For 2500 you get a really similar spec.

The GTX580 option is a lot more, and personally I like the 6990 option better anyways. If you're totally portable with it you may prefer the Nvidia but for multimonitor options the ATI just works nicer.

But when you upgrade to the same spec as the MSI you end up around 2500 (other than the extra 300 for the 580 vs the 6990 for some reason)

You'd have to call in/email to ask if they will give a price on the 128gb SSD/750gb storage option. Not listed like that in the system builder.

So it's a preference thing I think. I do think the build quality was always a hair better on Alienware and Dell both than MSI but that's me. Some say Alienware's gone to hell with Dell buying them.

I still have a Dell 15" business/gamer from 5-6 years ago with no grief other than replacing the HDD. So I don't really think they have longevity issues, though I did avoid their XPS series in 15" with the graphics burning out (not really their fault, all nvidia stuff at the time was overheating in gaming lappy's, nvidia underrated the spec)

At 2500 you can likely get either one.

If you can get a good deal on the MSI, I'd go with that, looks good.

If you like Alienware and wait for the usual sale (likely 300+ off when it's on) then you can just max out what you need within your budget and have a great spec on it.

But between MSI and Alienware for laptop gamers, I'm inclined to Alienware. Quality is similar though I think it's a bit better, and otherwise Alienware has a name for it, and can usually get you better resale later on. I also think the alienware looks like money, where the msi just looks like any other laptop. Sorta like the 'Mercedes vs. Audi' question. Both can be 100k for a fast luxury car, but the Audi is just an Audi, where the Merc has that reputation and looks like 100 grand of car.

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