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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Any progress on the shroud?

EDIT: It is hard to tell from your pics, but are you using flat or round tubing in the radiator?
No progress on the shroud yet. I haven't worked on it since my last post here. Most shops here where closed down last Friday til' Tuesday, so I wouldn't be able to get it done any ways. As for the tubes, they are 3/4 in flat staggered tubes - they don't all line up. Like this:
| | | |
..| | | |
| | | |

Originally Posted by clshades View Post
Could you take some photos of it from further back? Maybe put a 20 dollar bill beside it so I can get some idea of how big it is? Dun want artsy fartsy pics just the Facts Man!
This is an experiment I plan on doing myself sometime.


ps Dazmode had some high cfm 120mm fans on sale for half price recently.
I'll take some more when I get back to the shop tomorrow - that's where it is. I might use some of those HIGH rpm GT fans and just put them on a fan controller. I also have a Coolit Freezone that I will be using - to chill the water. So as long as I get some fans that can actually get through this thing, I won't worry about "how much" air gets through :)

Originally Posted by mattlef View Post
Looking at the legnth, do you have two vertical 1/4 threads on each side or is there one vertical and one horizontal?
The reason I'm asking is because it looks like there would be little to no room for routing of the tube once installed.
I'm very intersted to see how you plan installing it in the system. Very innovative :D

Personally I love that you took this project on, and I cant wait to see your results.
Ones vertical, ones horizontal You'll just have to wait and see, to see what I do!

Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
What you should be looking for is fans with a high static pressure rating. That is a measure of how good they push against restricted flow.

Nice work!
I think I know what fans I'll be using - maybe. I just mentioned that a Coolit Freezone will be used in conjunction with this rad - so water temperature should be fine.

Thank you everyone for checking this out so far and leaving comments - it is greatly appretiated!

Next up - and 'L' shaped radiator those goes vertical in the 5 1/4 drive bays, and then horizontal.

It's a TJ07. I put automotive body filler in ALL the exterior holes (power, LEDs etc.) I'll be relocating them up into the face plate area.
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