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Originally Posted by no_pulse View Post
I would like to make sure the process goes smoothly as possible, so I would appreciate if someone could post tips or help on the process.
I bought Artic Clean to remove the thermal compound. Is it ok to use q-tips to remove the thermal compound after applying Artic Clean?
Well, yes, but ideally you would want to scooch around a carpeted floor in some wooly socks first then use your finger. You see, the oil on your skin gets under the thermal compound and helps to remove it and the static electricity applied when your finger hits the IHS slightly changes the chemical makeup of thermal compound also allowing for easier removal.
Don't worry about the static electricity frying the CPU though, the electricity all goes into changing the thermal compound and so none ever gets to the die of your CPU. The more electricity, the more the compound changes and the easier removal is.

Originally Posted by no_pulse View Post
Also whats the best method of applying a perfect layer of thermal compound on CPU's and Chipsets? Some web sites suggest applying a pea size amount of thermal compound to the centre of the CPU or Chipset and mount the heatsink. Others suggest you apply a pea size amount of thermal compound to the centre of the CPU or Chipset and then use a credit card to spread the compound evenly on the chip. Whats the best method for applying a perfect layer of compound?
Now, for this you should ejaculate onto your CPU and hand before applying anything because ejaculate will neutralize any skin oils present from people fondling your CPU. The reason you also do it on your hand is so you can work with the CPU without having to worry about any nasty skin oils. Just use your shaven posterior to spread the thermal compound. Ever hear about how smooth a baby's rear is? Well an adults is normally not half as bad and once you put that pea sized drop on the CPU's IHS press it straight onto one of the cheeks and wiggle it around a bit. After a couple seconds just pull it straight off and put it in. This conditions the thermal compound for use with a smooth surface and can really help temperatures.

By the way, make sure you get a bit of ejaculate on the contact points on the bottom of the CPU as well. Having nice clean contacts is always a must so you don't get intermittent connections making your signals dirty(risking unexpected voltage and current spikes) and not only hampering overclocking potential but also requiring more voltage to get any sort of stability at stock speeds. The latter is made all the more dangerous because your base voltage is higher to begin with so when the crud on your contacts unexpectedly steps up the voltage and current they go even higher than they normally would.

Originally Posted by no_pulse View Post
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Then you will just love my post. :P
Do not take seriously anything I have written or suggested in this post. It is all a load of bull' and by simply reading this post you agree to never hold myself or Hardware Canucks or any other forum member responsible for your actions and/or damaged and/or destroyed hardware. You agree to accept all costs and/or shame in regards to physiological and/or psychological damage.
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