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Because of the low storage capacity I'm more interested in seeing a new harddrive from Western Digital which has 1TB or more.

As I see it, the 750GB from Western Digital is one of the most price worthy drives out there. Although I think that I would be a little dissipointed when it comes to performance. :(

Even if this new VelociRaptor had a more attractive price, I wonder if it's really a good choice for people who wants big storage AND performance. I don't want to choose whether I want a performance or a storage drive.

At some sites there has been stated that the newer drives from Seagate is really fast and they have a total capacity of 1GB which is better than what Western Digital has to offer at the moment. Maybe Seagate could be a better choice over Western Digitals performance drives at the present?

(For me personally, I always go for WD drives because of quality..)
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