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My System Specs


2 550Ti vs 2 560 non ti, well, going by the gen numbers alone, you are still better off :P

A couple numebrs that matter the 550Ti use a 192 bit bus vs a 256 bit bus, so less memory bandwidth, they also use 192 shaders-32/24 TMU/ROPS vs 336/56/32 so right there, single card and especially dual card you are way better off with dual 560 vs dual 550Ti.

To get into Theoretical performance of dual card numbers memorybandwidth-FLOPS-Pixel fill rate-texture fill rate this I got from gpureview
196.8GB/sec-691.2GfFlops-43200Mpixel/sec-57600MTexel/sec for the dual card 550TI
256.6GB/sec-1088.64GFlops-51840Mpixel/sec-90720MTexel/sec for the dual card 560 non ti

The above is with reference clocks in mind, so in a very simplified sence, the 560 will SLI better as they have a wider bus, and every other spec is higher as well, I know dual cards love Vram and bus width it helps to avoid bottlenecks, I would say the difference is probably at minimum 20% overall between both in a dual card setup, this number also depends on game being played, resolution, settings etc, but the 560 are quite a bit more powerfull then the 550, hence why they charge more for them :P
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