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Originally Posted by Tomvill View Post
you guys can have this forum obviousely this is just a run of the mill dude i got a dell.. enjoy your mediocre computers i,ll go play with the guys who play at the edge of computer buidling and overclocking . I thought this would be nice a canaidan group but I was wrong...

Oh by the way anyone use CS3 or do video editing some small video movies on their computer,., Now you,ll see the need to have them .. I do all my work on fast drives them save them to my slower 7200 ones for a reason . the raptors are way fatser if you dont think so try it.. you,ll be suprised. Its not always about 1 second its about 10 to 20 seconds per picture multiplied x 100 pics...It adds up big time.. too much ignorance here with your got a 1 tb drive for $80 sorry thats not for me its not always about value its what you need to do what you want
Raptor drives have always been beneficial to those who use large files because thats where they are simply gonna excel at compared to the regular drives.

What we are saying is that for the average joe they do not need raptor drives as the peformance is not there for them to need to spend $300 on a drive that a $80 drive will do just fine for them.

But if you do stuff that can warrant the speeds that a raptor drive can provide then by all means use them.
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