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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
seagate 60gb laptop HD then it should be a little cooler . I am just wondering though if that is enough to fold with, I want to use that hard drive and try the Kraken but I am not sure where to find out more info on what needs to be installed ( Linux distro?)
I'm concerned that a hard drive's heat output is being factored into your F@H considerations unless of course what you're switching from is one of those really old 80-160GB drives that make more noise than stock CPU fans. Unless you somehow find a way to crunch all of your work units in less than 15 minutes a piece, the HDD won't bottleneck your folding. (I've even tried folding off USB 2.0 sticks for fun.)
My F@H rigs aren't half a productive as what you're probably trying for, but my choice of distro has never made a noticeable effect on performance. If you want to compare distros with performance, Phoronix every so often does a performance review on Linux distros with all hardware the same.

I'm running OpenSUSE for my server / F@H combo because the Yast configuration utility is handy when you get used to it.

Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
Sure sucks trying to make a USB 320gb harddrive into a Linux boot because I don't have a cd drive and only one tiny 1gb usb flash pen lol
A 1GB USB drive is more than enough if you want to use one of the Ubuntu Live CD installs, which come in at under 800 MB. I've used the installer from Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux along with a normal Ubuntu Live CD ISO. I've found a temperamental BIOS is the biggest issue trying to install Linux from something other than a CD. If you use UEFI BIOS then expect it not to work.
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