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Funny you should mention.

It's great for a communicator/laptop/gamer for a kid. I got one for the 10 year old I have in the UK.

Get the V2 and it's got Facetime so you can do a really easy VM setup. Other webcam messengers are ok, but FT is easy and no grief. No conference tho.

They're great for what they are and do, but if you have a Macair or whatever superlight laptop then no real point.

For a kid they're a great school laptop replacement. If you have a kid with an exwife that won't let him have a webcam or email account so you can't talk to/communicate with him other than on the phone, they're an ideal way to sneak in an embedded email/video calling tool without risk of a restraining order.

Otherwise, yeah. Sell it to someone that wants one. I found his (basic model/black) for 400 bucks (was lucky) and looking for another for my end so I don't have to use the tiny ipod.

Xmas box is late to the UK, so he doesn't have it yet (stupid canada post...4-6 weeks my ass) but I have the ipod for now, and will get another ipad2 for here for the video calling :)

I like the cold...
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