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Default is it possible to use a laptop HD to fold?

I have decided to change my FOlding\media server rig into a dedicated folding machine so I am going to pull all of my HDs out and install a little seagate 60gb laptop HD then it should be a little cooler . I am just wondering though if that is enough to fold with, I want to use that hard drive and try the Kraken but I am not sure where to find out more info on what needs to be installed ( Linux distro?)

Funning thing also, I was running the FAH inside a VMware ( linux) but for some reason I could never even reach half of my main PC so I installed the beta FAH version 7.138 and now the estimated PPD is around 14689 which is three times as much as running the Linux client in VMware .
this machine sure does produce enough heat ( I have only a single cpu running right now) to heat my room with the Window almost fully open lol.
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