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thank for all your good tips guys . ( Shadowmeph your post was like a letter ,too long , but u mentioned good tips )
the realiy is i can play all game smoothly without slowdown....( i face with lack of fps when i put anti aliasing 4x and above and i can feel it when moving charracter....)
i can get good fps on game (on optimal setting ,mid-high range.....)
for example on LA.NOIRE (aa 2x , af 2x , res:1360*768 and other setting middrange ) i can get 50 fps... same on mw3.... i can play it even on good-high setting with 50-55 and always getting 50-55 fps.........
and all recent game (deusex/assassin/skyrim/LAnoire/mw3/bf3/rage/nfs run .... ) i experienced good gaming...
i think it doesn't worth if i invest on high-end hardware while i can play and enjoy games with current.
throughout days i'm reading review of hardware ,chipset,graphic card/ cpu /motherboard and reading all benchmarks.... in fact i becamed master in this ! but only in theory ! i dont know how that hardwares feel and i never experienced ....
but question is why should i buy 700$ graphics card while i can enjoy game with 200-300 $ graphics card ?!
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