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My System Specs


Well I think of it this way, if you like the way or your games are running smoothly right now then don't bother upgrading, I have upgraded or actually built new systems but kept older systems together and just sitting on a both and ran every system with everything the same ( except for the hardware) and to be honest for gaming I notice little difference, the first system I build was had a e8400 with a ati 3870, then I upgraded the video card to a 260 216 core gtx which was a big noticeable improvement, I then got the build bug and built a AMD system 790 board with a 955be 8gbddr2 ram but installed the same video card and same OS Same video cards and same games and noticed slight improvement in gaming but not really allot of improvement, , my VId card cashed in . amnd latter I upgraded video card to a 285 2 gb gtx and that was another good improvement I could play any game at max settings but then I upgraded again bout an Asus Sabertooth Motherboard DDR3 ram and a 1100t cpu over clocked cpu to 3.8 and the only real difference now is my FOlding numbers are allot higher but everything else is pretty much the same.

My point is that even if the numbers show better performance that doesn't really mean anything when it comes to you. after all of the changes I have done I could have saved allot of money and stayed with everything I had originally ( I forgot to mention the CPUs where all water cooled) and just installed my watercooled 2gb 285gtx I would be just as happy. Sure this video card doesn't have the dx11 but come on when gaming and you are running around trying not to get kill there isn't very much time that you are actually stopping to smell the flowers or looking at each and every little detail are you?
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