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Default Should I get 7970 ?

PC Specs

His Ice Q 6970
i7 2600k
8gb Ddr3 gskill Ram 1600mhz
Asrock p67 Extreme 4 Gen 3
Haf 932
1tb Hdd

Hi , I'm really stumped on what to do , Here I have my new computer I just built and the 7000 series is already coming out and nvidia Kepler is on its way. Should I get a 7970 and sell my 6970 ? Or should I wait for nvidia Kepler and More 7000 series cards to come out ? I just don't want my Computer to fall behind, I kinda want to always keep it High end , but spending 550$ on a 7970 is risky espcially if a kepler card beats it for less or I can get a better deal like a 7950. Im wondering , should I keep 6970 and CF it and complete skip this series of gpu's or get one, 7970 or Nvidia Kepler card? Also My motherboard Supports Pci 3.0 and I want to take advantage of that and not miss out on it ? Also it might not belong in this topic but my mobo supports ivy bridge cause its 1155 but i heard only mid range ivy bridge are coming to it and not really good ones and basiclly i wan't to have everything future proofed for as long as possible, Im hoping to keep this board for about 2-3 years and upgrade as I go . So what should I do ? Thanks
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