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My System Specs


To be honest, unless her video's are going to be very high quality, with lots of effects and Long (as in 10 mins + ) then a laptop would be fine.

If she is going to be editing for a job or going to be in the course for a few years and doing ALLOT of editing (can't stress this enough) then build an editing rig, if not then I say don't bother as it'll be wasted.

Second-hand i7 920 and a decent chunk of ram will be plenty.

If you still want to go ahead, then My suggestions would be:

The HDD's, A caching drive would be far better than an OS one for an SSD, as the data she uses regularly (ie the work she is working on at a certain time) is what she will want access to and a caching drive will mean that after she uses it a few times the drive will automatically cache it rather than having to move stuff around.

I would say that if 500GB is enough room that you should think about a single large SSD or multiple normal HDD's in raid (3 or more)

On the processor, if overclocking, get a 2600k, if not get a 2600
Mobo if ocing, get a p67 if not get a H67
16GB ram.. yes.

If she is going to be doing alot of work and photo editing, than a decent monitor is a must.
I suggest a 22 or 23 " IPS for working on the actual images and a second TN based monitor that will do for controls or the likes of web stuff while she has good colour reproduction on the main screen.
(A large monitor would be best but you budget isn't close to justifying anything large and good)

A sound card for audio, and a decent set of cans (not a gaming headset)

The GPU, any decent GPU will suffice, get what the budget allows.

P.S, The PSU, 650 watt would be enough, 750 ideal (save $ where you can)

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