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My System Specs


400 board
240 each 6128 chip
80 8x1Gb ram sticks
140 2x8pins connector PSU 750w
40 HDD
100 2x HSFs

See my signature. That's for a G34 2P rig. For my 4p rig, the board is 900. Double the chips, ram and HSF.
PPD is ~80-90k for the 2p, 200-250k for the 4p. Power consumption is 290w for the 2p, 450w for the 4p.

MP rigs are in a class of their own. You can't match the ppd output vs. what quad 590s would do. If you
have said budget, it is not worthwhile to even think about GPU folding. I know, I used to. Since going to
MP rigs, I've never looked back.
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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