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My System Specs


Originally Posted by wonton1017 View Post
Hmm, the five i7 2600k that I've tried needed at least 1.37v to reach 4.8ghz and 1.45v to reach 5ghz.

The i7 2700k's are binned for higher clocks, the first and only one I ever had was delivered 2 days ago and it reached 4.8ghz at 1.32v and 1.4v for 5ghz.

So if you plan to overclock these over the 4.6ghz range, i7 2700k's are USUALLY better.
I have a 2700k. At 1.36v it will do 4.5ghz. Not all chips are equal. Just because its binned for 2700k, doesnt mean its 'better' then the 2600ks for overclockers.
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