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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
Now that I didn't even think of I was planing on mounting everything on stackable shelving so it wouldn't be very hard to raise up some of the cards. Well now that that saves up some $$$ from not water cooling would 560 Ti's get bottle necked by x4 possibly? or should I just get 4 560 Ti's and 2 550 Ti's for the x4 lanes?

Also I was just kidding about the 6x GTX 590s although 150,000 PPD would be nice
I think worst case scenario 550ti with 4 lanes bandwidth could take a ~5% performance hit but I doubt it.

With flexible risers you could make a little wood bracket to hold and support the cards with space between for air cooling.

Heres a pic of the solution I've seen before for bit coin mining
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