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Default 6 GPU folding computer/need help with dedicated folding machine

So I was browsing the NCIX website and came across this mobo.

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 AMD990FX ATX AM3+ DDR3 6PCI-E16 1PCI CrossFireX SLI SATA3 USB3.0 Motherboard - Gigabyte - GA-990FXA-UD7

Is it possible to get 6 fermi based cards(550 Ti?) running on this board with water cooling? Probably a special block is needed with the ports out the top of the card rather than the side towards the next card. If it is possible to get 6 cards to fit on this mobo will there be any driver issues with having 6 cards on a single mobo? My plan is to run 2 PSUs and split the power as evenly as possible if I can get 6 cards going. Naturally phenom2 x6 would probably be needed or at least an x4 minimum. Just want to know if it's possible before I even get into it. Of course this will be done over a fairly long period of time(unless I win the lottery ) because I do have a limited budget. Thoughts and comments on a 6gpu folding set up is much appreciated. BTW I'm wanting to do a multi GPU setup because requirements for SMP w/bigadv sys requirements seem to change more often than GPU requirements would imo but I'm open to suggestions.

Edit: I just remembered that win 7/vista aren't as friendly as win xp is setting up multiple GPUs since as far as I can tell xp isn't sold anymore is linux a better option than win 7?

P.S. I do realize that 2 slots run in x8 and another 2 in x4 but from what I have read F@H isn't all that bandwidth intensive and I shouldn't see a huge hit in ppd in x4

P.P.S I can only imagine what kind of performance there would be in a system running 6x GTX 590 full throttle but that's only $4500 in hardware and probably will never be possible on a single board anyways.

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