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My System Specs


The build you are talking about will cost anywhere from 1500-2000 dollars. I know Daz will help you with your build for every last peice for orders of that size. I like to use the koolance website to do a prebuild and figure out all the parts I'm gonna need instead of just guessing. I believe Daz can also do the mobo build for you if you send him the board. He has all the parts there and can set it up easier and cheaper than making tons of mistakes ordering the wrong sized stuff.

it's a little easier to keep the pressure up with dual loops. You'll want a really solid high performance rad for the cpu and gpu's. Rule of thumb is 1x120mm rad for each core you are cooling. If you are looking for some serious overclocking you'll also need high performance fans and they can cost a fair bit of money.

For the ram etc you will probably be fine with the 120mm but you might as well make it a decent 120 if you are gonna spend this kinda money there's no sense in cheaping out on the parts that make the whole thing work right?

I think the easiest way to setup a dual pump -- dual loop is with the XSPC dual bay setup. LINK HERE and these are the pumps that go with LINK HERE

I just installed the single version of this dual res bay and frankly it seems to be one of the better places to put this stuff. Most people only ever put one dvd burner in their computer and so there is heaps of space left over for pumps and reservoirs. The Laing pumps are very good and Dazmode has them for a really great price.

This is a nice thick rad that will give you the head room required for a good overclock Performance Triple 120mm Radiator XSPC RX360 Performance Triple 120mm Radiator XSPC RX360 [RX360] - $101.99 : DazMode, The Best Canadian PC Watercooling and Modding Store!

Daz is a good dude. If you order enough stuff from him he may give you a discount based on your order. He also gives points toward your next order which can add up quickly.

Hope that helps
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