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My System Specs

Default RMA Assistance Thread!

First and Foremost I would like to state that the following resource (Soullessone21) is in no way representing HWC or the respective company he works for.

The RMA process can sometimes work perfectly and other times it can go astray. Soullessone21 has kindly offered to help in whatever ways he can to assist us in the RMA process.

Who is Soullessone21?

I am Soullessone21 an avid gamer, professional system builder and work as a RMA specialist for many companies in Canada(Currently direct Repair tech for Apple and ASUS) and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy and enjoying their computer's. I have been in the IT field for 6 years and love every day of it.
How Can he help?

With a plethora of contacts in the Computer industry, I can attempt to assist with RMA issues and processes
What do I need to know?

Info I need from you to post in my Section.
In or Out of RMA Period:
Place of Purchase:
Serial #
Is Your Item already being RMAed?
If out of Warranty what help do you need? ie Drivers, missing parts, upgrading to better cooling ext.
Last time frame is this your only card or can you wait for standard RMA, (Though I have a lot of pull I hate pushing reps to rush when I have great relationships with these people so if you can wait please tell me so)
Shipping will be charged to the owner of the RMA product, usually less then $20 and receipt will be provided to the owner of the Product from CP or Puro as proof of costs)

My own Note:
Please understand that although Soullessone21 will do what he can within his power to help that it obviously has limits, and I would rather him not be pushed away by members abusing what he has offered us.
So my own thought is attempt your RMA process first (or ask for his help how to) and if you encounter issues to seek his assistance in the matter. I would not want to have us the members overstay our welcome on his kindness.

Thank you for offering your services Soul (a name after my own haha).

HWC Moderation Team

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