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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
You know, I've been a PC guy for sometime now and I suppose I'm at the stage where there's not much interest in having a shagging, money sucking machine anymore and prefer clean simplicity. Given the options out there, Apple's line is absolutely gorgeous and more then satisfies my style. So why not ?

PC market is dieing a slow death march - no matter what people are saying. Laptops, pads and smart phones are dominating the market now and I'm really starting to appreciate the Apple line. I don't own a laptop at this time but if this bird comes out in the Summer, I'm all over it so long as it has a decent graphic processor to boot.

I know this forum is certainly a PC loving one but I recently made the transision to Apple products and I am glad I did. I have the high res anti glare 15" MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt monitor and I love it. Gone are the mess of cables and bulky boxes that throw mass amounts of heat. I guess I am just getting too old for that to really interest me anymore. My work station is clean, clutter free and the aesthetics are right up my alley. I have complete mobility when needed and a fantasic 27" monitor to enjoy when at home. Added to that, each day its seems the future is more and more about mobility than ultra high performing PC's....just my 2 cents.

As for the 2880x1800 I welcome it will certainly pick up a new MBP with it and hopefully Apple updates the Thunderbolt monitor with it as well.

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