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1. the dtek, pretty sure in should be the center barb, and out should be the outer barb.

You're right!! I totally overlooked that. Changing as we speak.

2. the line to the first card looks sorta kinked, under pressure it may kink fully.

Ya pulling it through more helps but then it kinks on the outside... its kind of loose-loose, hope it works ok. If I wrap a zip-tie around it the kink goes away, so I may have to do that.

3. not 100% sure but i think the card blocks wont be cooling anywhere near there capacity. the liquid will just go from 1 card straight threw to the next without going threw the block.

Totally wrong here... they are in parallel, the resistance path in through each block is equal. Think of your car engine, you have 4 intake runners, and the air gets distributed evenly through each of them... its not magic, its physics. So you think the water will just go straight down the left side of the cards then disappear? It has to go somewhere! The left side acts as an intake manifold, sending water through the 3 blocks evenly, and the right side is the exhaust manifold, collecting and exiting the top.

4.tri-fire needs all card connected to each other, you need the first and third connected to each other.

Also wrong... think about it, there are only 2 connectors on each card. Only one link is needed between each card, as stated by ATI. To accomplish that I would need a very flexible 6" long crossfire strap lol.

5. i think your using the t-line wrong. the t line should go in a straight part of the loop, not used as an elbow. like it is it wil try and suck equally from both ends of the T.

I don't think so. If you've ever studied flow dynamics... the pressure (sucking or pushing) is equal in all directions. If anything there will be a small flow drop caused by the water needing to turn the 90, but there just isnt any other way to do it in the space I am dealing with. This way, there is always water sitting on top of the pump inlet.

Thanks MPG for the tip about taping up the pci connectors... good idea. I hope it will all work and I wont need to go there, but one of my cards is a bit sketchy because a prior heatsink bent it, so I am preparing for the worst.

I was originally going to have the res-rad up front, but filling would be impossible without removing drives, and just generally a pain in the ass.

I just picked up a jug of distilled, so if that's all the warnings, here goes nothing!!

thanks dudes ;)
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