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My System Specs


I posted this somewhere else but cant be bothered customising it so heres a copy and paste :D

"Just to let you guys know, CFx (and SLI -im not picking on ATI-) suffer from a phenomenon referred to as microstutter. You can read up on it here:,2995.html

If you already have a 6950 then by all means crossfire will be worth it due to the price saving, but I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND not going down the crossfire route for those of you without a preexisting 69xx card (explained below if you can be bothered reading).

As the 7970 is ~40% more powerful than a 6970 and a 6970 is ~15% less powerful than a 6950 that leaves the 6950 as being ~60% slower than a 7970. Just speculation for the moment, but if you consider that the 7970 will most likely overclock better than the 6950, by say about ~10%, we could say that the 7970oc'd is ~80% faster than a 6950oc'd. Considering crossfire with a 6950 yields ~90% extra performance, thats only 10% extra performance but microstutter degenerates our perception of this performance, making the 7970 a better alternative (especially considering the power and heat savings not to mention the driver headaches with cfx).

*All results were taken from Toms Hardware Gamer Index for 1920x1200 and solved for by simultaneous equations, other resolutions may prove to be different."
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