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Originally Posted by Mir View Post
Extra Added Cost,
Using a Slot PCI
I am tring to keep it simple and little bit lower on COST.
Originally Posted by Mir View Post
I need IDE for my Custom Firmware IDE Optical Drive; which allow me to do stuff; which normal optical drive won't let you.
I have old softwares which work fine with Native com ports. Other wise I have two or three different Kind of com port; cause not a single can offer what I need. It is simple for me to get a built in com port.
Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
If you really need a FDD get a USB one. They are $30-40.

Why are you so dead set on Legacy parts?

Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
Common nowadays since mostly everything has turned to usb.
Buy usb drive or use one you have, if you have stuff on fdd now migrate it to the usb before you build.
I have already share why I have my needs
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