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Very clean tube routing! And I notice you're running the Fusion V2!

Multiple reservoirs/T-lines really isn't an issue for bleeding. Not necessary, but it won't cause problems either. The t-line needs to be kept partially full, or the pump will pull air in. And obviously don't run the system without the cap on the rad on, it'll spray like crazy. Personally, I've found that only finger-tightening the cap can still let coolant leak out over time - use a screwdriver to give it that extra turn.

Only thing I might suggest is to change the tubing between the pump and the rad, so that the water's path doesn't have to pull a sharp right angle to get into the pump. It's not a make-or-break, but if the main path went straight through the T, with the T-line intersecting it, it'd be slightly better. Not much room to work with there, I know.

One possibility would be to swap the rads, so that the RadRes is inside the case. More awkward for filling, and I don't know if the extra height will interfere with your drives, but it would let you drop the T-line entirely, and would make your reservoir feed directly into the pump.

As for the three cards, if you have to remove one or two, you're probably screwed. If you're patient, you might be able to get them out of their slots, and cover all the contacts of the "removed" card(s) with good masking tape (doesn't leave residue behind) so that they're not detected by the motherboard. I've seen that partially done when people want to simulate a PCI-E slot with less than x16 bandwidth, so it would probably work to completely hide a card as well. But I don't know if the system/drivers will like one or two cards suddenly disappearing between boots like that.
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