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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
OR how about
"margins are so thin and we have ZERO stock right now that we can not afford a 5 year warranty..but for a small fee we will provide you with a 5 year warranty". This happens every so often and if you feel the need for a 5 year warranty either get the extended or buy a WD Black (and pay the fee that is built into their prices). In a year or three things will go back to 3-5 yr warranties. Nothing new under the sun. Same old same old.

To be honest, how often do most peeps RMA a drive? I usually buy and replace my hdds LONG before they a drive 2-3 years old is a) a SLOW drive and b) a SMALL drive. SSD for OS...and HDD for data means that a short warranty to cover the zinger DOA (or soon after) drives is plenty.
i would think that a lot of people RMA their drives on a regular basis, i'm willing to bet that HDD are one of the most RMA'd comp products. i mean at least it's a big enough issue for them to cut down the warranty isn't it?
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