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Company Name: MSI
Product: GTX 460 Hawk
Warranty Period: 3 years
Date purchased: 2nd hand card, November 2011
Date RMAed: December 20, 2011
Where it was sent to: Richmond, BC, Canada
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: None (unless you factor in shipping fees)
Wait time: ~4 hours for a RMA reply back (Sent a RMA request at around 7:40am (Dec. 20), and received a reply back ~4 hours later)
Details: I live in Abbotsford, which is about an hour's drive from the RMA location (lucky me). Shipped the card out on the 20th (around ~2:00pm). The RMA center got my card on the morning (~10:00am) of the 21st. I expected that I wouldn't be getting back my card until after the new year (considering its the holiday season, and the 1-2 week for the RMA process, which was stated in the email). However, I received another card on the 22nd at 1:10 pm (from UPS), or about ~ 45 mins ago with respect to this post's time and date.
Satisfaction: 10, Although I did not receive a email from MSI after they had received my card, and after they had shipped me another one. But who cares, FAST RMA Processing FTW!

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