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Default tri-fire loop, filling/bleeding

Ok so I finally have my system built and ready to drink some feser-one. This is my first water setup so I really have no clue what I am doing other than forum-knowledge. I think I am ready to fill and bleed, but I have a couple of concerns:

1. I put in the T-line after reading the manual for the pump, stating that running dry for even a moment will kill it, got me scared about how I was going to fill it safely. The T-line should help me make sure there is always water at the inlet of the pump. My concern is that now I have two resevoirs... One on the rear rad, and the T-line. How will this behave? Will I be able to use the rear resevoir still, or will water come spewing out of the plug? What are the implications as far as bleeding?

2. Is my T-line long enough?

3. Is one litre of Feser-One Cooling fluid going to be enough to fill the whole loop? I only got one, so if its obviously not (which I fear), then I will just go get a jug of distilled water for the first fill. Can I mix the Feser with distilled water?

4. If/When something goes wrong with crossfire and I have to remove 1 or 2 cards temporarily, how the f$*# am I going to do it? (lol)

That's all for now, if anyone can see something stupid that I have missed and water is going to come spewing out all over the place, please let me know asap :)

Sorry for the huge photos, apparently you cant resize photos on a mac.
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