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They have much tighter tolerances, ECC, and generally when it comes to binning they are more quick to pick out its faults and good parts, both good and bad obviously, I also believe Xeons as it stands are the only ones that are capable of being used in a dual cpu fashion, I do not believe standard I7 as an example can because they do not have as many links to QPI as Xeons do, but this obviously drives the cost up.

Generally speaking, Xeons over the years compared to standard desktop CPU were simply more stable, though they didnt seem to have as much overclocking headroom, they also had less bsod, crashes and such.

So to put it simple, they are targeted to servers and mission critical apps/tasks, there is a reason behind why they charge as much as they do, are they faster, not generally speaking, but, if crashing and such is taken into account, they can be.

Some of them were worth getting though, but most are just an extra cost for nothing, the newest ones though are some kind of insane but also cost a pretty dollar as well, but they have far more stuffed under thier hood then desktop parts, more now then they ever did.
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