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There you have another OC Report proudly brought to you by myself and I would like to thank Sam and Kelly from Crucial/Lexar for their fantastic support of my addiction and supplying the modules tested here today. Clearly there is some huge potential with D9GTS ICs when paired with the 790i chipset, but that was pretty much a known already. These numbers may just re-ignite a debate over whether D9GTS is better than D9GTR because these results are a pinch higher than what I have achieved with any D9GTR kits I have had. At the same time, this is also a new chipset being the 790i and I haven't had all my kits put through their paces on it. So for now, let's just chalk it up to a good kit of memory and forget the D9GTS/GTR debate for now.

No matter how you look at it, this kit of memory did incredibly well and will be a nice addition to my fleet of benching memory. For 32M SPi though, I hope I can bring the tRFC down as my G.Skill can bench 32M at these frequencies with a tRFC of 58 which has helped tremendously in my efficient times.

DDR3 prices are coming down but unfortunately this kit is priced rather high at this point. Hopefully that changes very soon though because I know a lot of people that are going to be interested in modules like this. Thank-you for reading and don't forget to keep your eyes on this thread when it comes to the top of the pile as there should be some updates coming in going forward. Have a great long weekend Canucks!
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