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Default Package & Module Photos

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The retail package for Crucial hasn't changed in a long time and that is fine with me. Personally, I really like the cardboard box approach as opposed to the molded plastic clam shell. The box makes for easy transport, storage, and protects the memory better than anything else on the market as far as I am concerned. The accordion inserts keep the memory separated and standing up, unable to move in any direction. In addition to Crucial being the only manufacturer that ships modules in a cardboard box, they are also the only manufacturer that ships memory in ESD sensitive bags. These bags are sealed and the only way to open them is cutting or ripping. This is another nice feature of their shipping always know if you have brand new memory from the factory. With the plastic clam shell, it can easily be ran, tested, used, and abused; then put back in the clam shell for sale as new.

I got a little trigger happy with the camera and this kit but I just like the looks of them. Crucial moved to a clip less heat sink a while back now and relies solely on the thermal adhesive to hold them in place. This is a definite upgrade from the interlocked and clipped heat sinks of old that sometimes had too much pressure at the top and actually lifted the heat sinks off the ICs towards the bottom of the modules. Overall though, the Ballistix heat sink is very basic being a simple aluminum design but the way Crucial finishes them, they look very nice. The size obviously won't hinder or complicate installation in any setup, or in 4 X module configurations.

Crucial continues to use the grey spongy thermal pad and adhesive with their modules and it seems to work just fine for them. The application is always bang on and as we can see in the first photo, almost the entire IC is covered with the thermal material on this kit. The debate about heat sinks on memory and thermal materials used will go on forever but I still think with heat sink designs like this, it is more for marketing than for cooling. I believe that only when you get into the Corsair DHX heat sinks do you actually get noticeable benefits from them.

As we talked about in the specifications page, these modules use D9GTS which was completely unexpected. At this point, it was my understanding that all 1000MHz kits from all manufacturers are using D9JNL. I am going way out on a limb here but I have a feeling the market for D9GTR/GTS dried up quickly when D9JNL came out that can do almost everything the earlier parts could but for a lower cost. This might be Micron getting rid of D9GTS before switching this kit over to D9JNL or even D9JNM/D9JZF? Again, 100% unconfirmed pure speculation on my part but I just couldn't believe it when I saw D9GTS under the heat sinks.
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