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Thumbs up OC Report :: Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-16000 CL9

"Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease..." Guess who's back? That's right, it is the original OC Report rearing its dual 32M running head and the star of the show is once again a kit of Ballistix. Last time around the test platform was quite a bit different than this session but at the heart of it, the 240 pin DDR3 DIMM slots haven't changed...just everything that powers and supports them including motherboard, chipset, and processor. Make sure you are buckled in and please keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all times, things are about to get crazy.

Crucial, or should we say Micron, continues to run the DDR3 SDRAM game and it doesn't look like that is about to change any time soon. Since my last Ballistix OC Report, a few things on the hardware landscape have changed, most importantly the label on the ICs of the highest rated DDR3 kits money can buy. As we will see in a short while, the D9 variant of Micron IC's powering this kit is not like the last and despite some differences, the primary ass kicking aspects of this memory are still the same. Micron continues to push the envelope and develop ICs that keep things interesting for use enthusiasts and keep the debate hot whether one is better than the other. Remember the DDR2 D9GMH/D9GKX arguments that populated every major overclocking forum not that long ago, including this one? Well get ready for round two because the DDR3 equivalent is already here and I am going to be fanning the fire with these results.

The format is the same, the methodology is the same, and the goal is the same...make the memory scream. As I always say, let's get this horse and pony show on the road!

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