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Originally Posted by matari View Post
Please give me the data that points toward liquid cooling RAM being beneficial typical enthusiast application. Besides who wants to risk damaging their module by removing the heat spreader. Second, the amount of restriction added by full coverage blocks almost requires a separate loop.

there are only a few reasons to liquid cool your ram. One, lower your case ambient, and for looks.
Ram is cheap. Take your time. It's not a race.

I can't GIVE you any real data other than this that I found after some searching. I didn't record or care to record much information mainly beacuse of people like you who claim it does nothing other than look good etc. Water cooling is a hobby for me and rather than having huge debates with people who have NEVER EVEN TRIED IT I just kept to myself and played. Generally speaking if someone says it doesn't do anything significant I'll normally just find out for myself. Why not? That's why they call it a hobby. Having brought this topic up in the past it resulted in a bunch of people freaking out and bias'd opinions based on very limited reviews on the net (at least the ones I read)

When I ran it I did a dual loop to start and then tried a single loop manifold setup after. I ran both setups for over a year combined and about 6 months with no water cooling on the ram. A single 120mm rad was all I needed for the ram with a small xspc all-in-one pump. Dual loop worked the best and most half decent cases these days support a 360 and 120 rad internally.

Dual loop worked better. Higher over all OC and more stable ram compared to NOT water cooling it at the same frequencies. In fact in most cases trying to run the same OC's without water cooling the ram resulted in BSOD's until I dropped the ram frequencies which in turn allowed me to drop the voltages and run the ram cooler. Under water it wasn't an issue with the higher frequencies especially after a session of gaming.

Easiest and fastest way to test this theory I discovered was overclocking strictly with FSB as it's the hardest way to OC as you have to adjust for your memory all the way through. It's certainly more challenging than just upping the multi.

Anyway... I don't wanna steal the OP's thunder here suffice to say that I'll always support water cooling ram based on my own experiences and seeing real results 1st hand for an extended period of time.
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