Thread: Work in progress How should i cut up my 6870 heatsink
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^i was gonna pick up the dremmel kit with 300pcs at costco for $33.99 ( i saw it at cdn tire for $99) but it was soldout at the costco i got to in Vancouver. Im just trying to go with the option with better airflow but i was thinking about just cutting off the top just for the asethetics, i mean it would looks pretty dope seeing the heatsinks yet there is piping connecting the two, hmm i guess im gonna go have to buy one of those wc crossfire bridges from dazmode. Now i have more to think about, we'll see what others have to say.

OH thats the main reason why i bought this particular mastercraft one instead of the $15 jobmate, this kit you can turn it into a miniature drill press, so cutting holes wont be that hard.
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