Thread: Work in progress How should i cut up my 6870 heatsink
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Default How should i cut up my 6870 heatsink

Question: Which way should i cut my heatsinks

option 1: I would like to make the more smaller cut on the top part of the heatsink so the tubing goes out through the top.
Option 2: The other option is that i cut the heatsink directly over where the gpu lies.

The problem:

Which option is going to have a more negative effect of the vram and gpu temperatures?

If i do option 1, will there be better airflow in underneath the heatsink, and how will there be any heat coming off the gpu block that it would elavate the ambient temperature within the heatsink?

If i do option 2, will this make the fan essentially useless? and how will a hole in the middle of the heatsink effect the amount of air flowing through the heatsink, particually on the left of the gpu?

**If anyone wants to do this, you have to sand down the inner part of the original heatsink's unisink because the Rasa GPU block is JUST A FEW MM to big to fit in the space that is cutout in the unisink, i just used a dremmel
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