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My System Specs


Hey sankukai,

First of congrats on new build. So addressing your first concern your 750W power supply is more than enough to power and over clock your CPU to upwards of 1.45 V. You will not be getting anyways near this so you have nothing to worry about. In fact you are fine adding a second graphic card with your current set up and still over-clocking without issues.

As for your second question the hands down number one choice between those two coolers is the Hyper 212 EVO, its been used to great effect achieving 5.0 GHZ on an i5 2500K without many issues. Its also worth the price and you wont have to worry about changing it if you decide to go for a more heavy overclock.

Just some additional Info, the difference between the Plus and Evo:
Evo has a quieter Fan about 3-4 db lower
Evo has slightly better cooling potential some reviews show about 1C-3C difference between the Two

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