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My System Specs

Default Great deal on 465 GTX from PNY turned bad and now fixed. special offer, $139.99
It is time to up grade, 560 Ti 448 or 570 GTX, then I saw the special offer.
I ordered four 465 GTX for two computers.
Did the order Wed night, UPS ground shipping from USA to EDM, AB.
PNY sent out cards on Thursday, Friday @ 3:30 PM was dropped at my door.
WOW fast.
Looked at the box, bent up not bad, poorly sealed. No invoice or packing slip.
Opened the box, 4 sealed boxes, minor dints to the boxes.
Unboxed the first card, no static wrap.
Then the fan cover almost came off! Broken.
So I unboxed the 2nd card, samething plasic peices from the fan cover are falling out.
On the third card unboxing, the fan was out of place and broken.
The 4th unboxing, the card is blue vs black, no damage. Wait the gold connection for SLI is damaged.
4 broken cards, no useable. Scrap, junk. What did I just order? Used cards? Refurbished cards are not like this.
The order was for four NEW cards! I just got suckered, right!!!
Called PNY customer support (Monday), there is no number for order issues online @
Was transfered 3 times, ended up at Sr. Customer Service Representative.
End of the day, PNY gave me their UPS account number to ship the 4 cards back.
Once I email the tracking number, PNY will ship out the 4 new cards, I hope.
UPS is picking up Tuesday.
Question is now is UPS going to charge me duty and brokerage two times?
If the 460 Ti 448 was under $300.00, I would have never gone with the 465's.

Thanks for reading my sad story.
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