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I think this is a great idea for manufacturers too. Yes I understand the argument that the manufacturers would be losing out on profit since people would be buying whole vid cards less often but on the other hand people may end up spending MORE on their graphics if upgrades were only $100 to $200 a shot to stay up to date rather than say having to buy spend $400 to $500 or more for a new card, upgrades would happen more often. How many of us for instance bought a C2D/mobo/DDR2 combo when they first came out and are still using the same equipment? I know personally I'm on my 3rd CPU, second mobo, and second RAM upgrade and none of those happened at the same time since I found it easier to do it in $200 (or less) increments.

I'm sure if this ever came out that the GPU's would come on a small PCB with a few support components (maybe a SPD chip or BIOS) which may require you to buy only ASUS upgrades if you had an ASUS graphics card there by not losing any customer base. This could be the equivalent to the MXM board that has been mentioned.

Also, I'm sure the first manufacturer to get this out would have a huge following and at least temporarily take a large portion of the market if they made it a viable solution.
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