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Originally Posted by clshades View Post
That is incorrect sir.

Listen you guys that denounce ram cooling. Having done this in the past for overclocking high frequency ram I can tell you for certain that I achieved higher more stable OC's water cooling the ram. Currently the 1600MHz ram I'm using is running at 32C with a fan cooler on full. With the fan turned off they get pretty hot as I bought the low profile stuff to make sure i can always sell this stuff down the road. If I could afford to WC my ram I would in a heartbeat.

If you plan on running high frequency ram and getting the highest over all OC water cooling the ram is FULLY worth the effort. Keep in mind you aren't getting much airflow when you don't use a HSF so the ram temps get hot and stagnant.

Just sayin...
Cons of cooling ram outweigh pros
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