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Red face Lockups on my new rig

I've built this pc back in march now I'm getting black screen lockup's when I return to the pc after hours at a time.Just wondering where I should start to troubleshoot,I have a 550 watt psu a 8800gt 2 gigs ddr2 in dual channel slots, with a m2n sli deluxe board,a dvd rom and 2 hardrives one sata 250 gig and one in ide 60 gig, and a x2 6400+. Now I'm gonna mention nothing is currently overclocked and the pc has been working great when I am on it. Ie playing crysis,oblivion,tf2,hellgate, etc etc. Almost all the latest great games. I'm thinking it may be a video card problem possibly poor driver i'm currently using 174.74.
Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated and I also wanna note hardwarecanucks is a great site and I'm happy to be a member,and all you friendly people on the forums have been very helpful in the past =)
Rig: Asus M2n SLI deluxe, AMD X2 6400+, Geforce 8800 GT 512 Mb, 2 Gb ddr2 800 fsb xms corsair, Ultra 550 sli supported,Old Rig:PCchips P25g,Intel Celeron 3.04 ghz,Geforce 7600GS 512,2 Gb dd1,500 watt PSU
Yes I did upgrade , Yes I did notice a change =)
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