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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Inate8 View Post
Hey guys, I just recently upgraded my main machine, and delegated my old comp to my living room computer. It's an E8400 on a P5N32E-SLI, with 8Gb ram(over-kill, I didn't have anything but 4gb sticks of DDR2 left), and an 8800GT 512mb.

Using this machine to run local content has been fine in the past and is again fine now, but when I stream over our giga network(dlink giga switch) any file that is 3Gb+ tends to lag out sooner or later. Usually anything over 4Gb just chops constantly.

I use CCCP(Combined Community Codec Pack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) for my basic codec install, and then I install coreAVC for it's ability to use GPU acceleration. I set the preferred codec in MPC's options and it shows that it's using core whenever I view files in MPC.

Disable GPU acelerations they create all kinds of lag rather than help. It's completely unecessary to use GPU acceleration for doing video play back and can cause unwanted issues. Besides it doesn't DO anything really... nothing that software doesn't already do as intended. I know this from experience. Just use default settings for codec installs and let the software do the rest. Obviously WMC needs SOME tweaking here and there for various formats. (albeit I haven't tried playing MKV or bluray on WMC in ages.)

Test with VLC and no codecs as it can play anything without installing anything.

If you wanna try something other than WMC (I cant stand it anymore) Download Boxee It's free.
It does everything...
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