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My System Specs

Default What is my rig worth

As the title states, what is my rig worth? I would like 3 quotes if possible, a whole rig, whole rig - case, and parted. Having some financial problems (off work for 8 weeks, then fired while on sick leave) Everything under my specs, as well as a few spare parts I have , PCP&C 1KW PSU, H-50 with a 3 blade 3300RPM delta server fan, 3 GT AP-15's, few misc. 120mm fan's , 220mm? the big fan from a haf 932 case brand new with the metal guard, couple sound cards (I am guessing 7-10 years old) also a corsair 800D, missing one of the bay covers(i'll toss in an IDE burner to fill the hole if needed) also modded the side panel window, it is now made from lexan not plexi and has holes cut for 120mm fans aimed directly where my old crossfired 5870's used to live.
Thank everyone who looked and contributed to this thread.
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