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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
How does the U2412 compare to the HP ZR24 (S-IPS, 7ms g-g, 400 cd/2) which seems to retail around $400, and the newer ZR2440 (6ms g-g, 350 cd/2, LED backlit but doesn't specify type of IPS) at the same or a little lower price. Both are 1920x1200, 24" screens.

I presume the 2440 will have a narrower colour gamut in exchange for the LED and greatly improved efficiency, but is it the same panel type as the U2412M?
Apparently, HP's quote of a S-IPS panel in the ZR24w is actually misleading. It's a CCFL backlit e-IPS panel with standard sRGB gamut coverage. The main difference compared to the U2412M is that the Dell only uses 6-bit colour processing plus A-FRC for dithering of colours, while the ZR24w is full 8-bit internal processing. TFT Central has a review of the ZR24w that has lots of useful information in it.

They've also got a review of the ZR2440w, but they're trying to glean some money from it before it goes live on December 23, so you'll have to wait until then to see it. It's probably most similar to the U2412M (as in LED-W backlit e-IPS panel, sRGB gamut, 6-bit + A-FRC).
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