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My System Specs


So I finally pick this up on an NCIX sale a couple weeks ago, and had some time to run some benchmarks but first I like to say the performance is excellent but they are a few things you should keep in mind if you decide to get this.
First if you have a BSOD or power outage the Dataplex software will have to do a recovery at the next boot before you can get in to windows, this does not take that long but then it will want to rebuild the cache which can take a while, there is an option to bypass this however but you lose the cache and will have to uninstall and reinstall the software to enable it. Rebuilding can be a problem if you need the system right away. I had crash from an bad overclock the other day and it recovered in about 20 seconds and I decided not to rebuild the cache since you only have to start a program once anyway for it to be cache.

OCZ tool box will not see the drive once Dataplex is installed (noting will apparently) so if you want to install a firmware update you either have to use the Linux Boot firmware updater from OCZ or uninstall Dataplex. By the way as of now there is no listing for firmware for the Synapse drive on OCZ website but it is the same firmware as the Vertex 3 and the other drives based on that controller.

It will only cache the boot drive as of now and only up to 2TB (it caches the whole drive including all partitions and will cache a raid setup.)

Even with the problems above I am very happy with the drive, it is a substantial upgrade as a stranded SSD would be but with the capacity of upto 2TB (as of now). OCZ said there working with the makers of the Dataplex software in order to alleviate some of the issues above, there is a new version out now that is suppose to rebuild the cache faster and there working on the size limit of 2TB.

So here are the benchmarks.

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