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My System Specs


5 of my corsair psu's did that, it didn't bother me that much though.
I had TX750 (didn't whine), TX750V2(whine), HX650(whine), 2x HX850( both whine) now a HX1000(whine).

On the other hand, my other "lower-end" OCZ modxstream PSUs never whined and neither did my Antec Truepower New 750 and 650s.
The Corsairs don't whine when i'm not gaming, they only whine when it starts drawing tons of power: Furmark, BF3 and etc.
I changed my motherboard from p8z68-v pro to asus maximus gene-z, and now finally to asrock fatal1ty gen3 z68 pro series, they all whined so it wasn't my motherboard.

It's usually the power supply or graphics card in my situation. My single GTX570 was whining horribly, switched to 2x GTX560ti 2gb version, it stopped half the whining. But my corsair PSU continued to whine.

A popular and guaranteed fix, if it only happens when your PC is drawing a lot of power, is to just enable VSYNC. (I hate VSYNC when playing FPS games though, so like i said, I live with the PSU whine)
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