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Originally Posted by Mayoo View Post
Might I ask why do you need all that?

Floppy: Transfer the floppy to a USB key using an old computer
COM: COM to USB converter (No need for PCI)
IDE: Why?

But if I only refer to your original post, just get the COM to USB converter with that mobo you found and it's done!

Vista 64-Bit Compatible 12 inch FTDI CHIP DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed USB SERIAL RS-232 USBG-RS232-F12 LOW PRICE $11.14

I need IDE for my Custom Firmware IDE Optical Drive; which allow me to do stuff; which normal optical drive won't let you.
I have old softwares which work fine with Native com ports. Other wise I have two or three different Kind of com port; cause not a single can offer what I need. It is simple for me to get a built in com port.
They only port I can let go is LPT port!
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