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My System Specs


I just finished setting up my file server again. It was down for... well... ever. Just need a place to back stuff up before I nuke and pave.

I have a full windows image of the orginal install I did on this board but I'm a little concerned about this AMD problem you speak of. I would have to assume the trim chain is broken some how and so fixing it is imposible? unless I purchase an adapter card that DOES support it? Or I can make this work with my chipset? Sorry still a little pissed about that info heh. Not that I don't wanna know!! So it makes me wonder if after all the cleaning and nuking if it's just gonna go back to it's current state. I know there is an update for this drive but I've never been able to get it to install.

Thanks for taking the time to post this info AKG it's really a matrix of bad forum posts, horrible information, and hair pulling trying to figure it out. I'd pretty much given up on it until now. Going off the basic requests like some of the posts here (which aren't bad really you see the same thing everywhere) I thought TRIM was working so that was that. I'm a pro with google so I'm a little surprised it took this long to get a good informed answer.

Obviously I was a little disapointed when my drive was 50 percent slower on the read and 75 percent slower on the write and it's barely 3 months old.

I'll probably get Braineater to help me with this as he is up and running. Would a windows xp media center box be sufficient to clean the hdd or does it have to be a win7 box?
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