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Soz for the late reply peeps, been real busy with work.

Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3
......make sure you using correct driver for sound chip you have, this mite be the distortion issue

......Audioengine N22 spec's not shown amp's speaker impedence rating, so mite have wrong speaker matched to amp.
I thought it may have been the driver too but I've re-downloaded it from Asus and it didn't help.

I spotted in the FAQ of the actual N22 page that it can run headphones with impedance from 16 to 300 ohms. Mine is 24 ohms....? Here's another thing I don't get about impedance rating, is it a measurement of how good the headphones, earphones, speaker etc will sound?

Originally Posted by ilya View Post
No offense to Linus, but he likely isn't the best person to be asking for audiophile advice. This isn't exactly the best forum either, though there are some fairly knowledgeable audio experts here. I would consider looking into an actual audiophile forum like ABI or HeadFi. But as always take everything everyone says (myself included) with a grain of salt. Everybody's ears are different, what's right for someone else might not be good for you.

If the XB1000's aren't bass heavy enough for you with your current audio setup, return them to the store if possible. Unless you have extra money to spend on a higher end soundcard/amp or external DAC/amp setup. (EQ should be done at the DAC, the amp should merely increase the power) TBH I would recommend looking into buying a few budget headphones first to better understand the exact sound signature you want. Jumping straight into upper mid range audio without an upper mid range DAC/amp will likely only lead to disappointment and a lot of wasted money.
I've actually posted on about 2 days ago but unfortunately I've only had 2 replies and if I'm honest it wasn't very helpful. So I thought maybe the fellow PC enthusiasts with audio experience might be able to help coz one can bridge between the mind of the PC and audio enthusiast.

I do wish I'm closer to an audio equipment retailer tho, coz you're very correct that everyone's ear is different. So only if I can rock to a retailer and have a taste test with the equipment on display. And of course trade with them lol, that'd be sad if I just rock up and ask if I can have a crack at the product and not buy the product or somethin of similar.

The thing is I'm very used to in the face type of bass where as the XB is more refined. I guess in short, I was hoping for the XB to be in the face type of bass but of course without the distortion that has always plagued the past headphones I've owned. I prob won't return the XB tho, coz I purchased them online and it's rather a hassle to do so.

On your suggestion of DACs and AMPs, say if I get the Asus Xonar Essence One, that would presumably be a waste if I don't get a separate/ better sound card or pair it with an AMP? I'm edging on getting the N22 amp and see whether if it'll give me what I'm after and if not sell it on eBay for 20 bucks off or somethin. I've returned goods I bought online couple of times but it was coz they sent out the wrong item. But nevertheless one of the occasion was a nightmare. The store sent me the wrong item so I immediately sent it back with me paying for the postage and in the end they wouldn't even reimburse me at least half the postage costs.

Originally Posted by Linus View Post
.....Stop using onboard audio. It doesn't matter what marketing is attached to it and what "certifications" it carries. It all sucks (with the possible exception of the GB G1. series boards that have amped onboard audio, but I haven't spent much time with them, so I can't say for sure). Any add-in sound card is better than onboard, and if you get one with a headphone amp, you will be happy you did.
Please don't get me wrong but I've known that on-board is bad compared to add-in from the very beginning but what I was hoping for is for someone to chime in on if I get an AMP like the N22 will doing so cure the distortion. And it'd be nice if that's the case, coz I then won't have to fork out as much money.

Thanks peeps
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